The Russian software provider RED SOFT became a platinum sponsor of the Firebird Foundation.
Firebird Conference 2019 will start on October 17. Follow conference events at our Telegram channel and on Facebook
Firebird Conference 2019: Multi-thread sweep, backup and restore
Firebird Conference 2019: Firebird on the road from v4 to v5
In this presentation, Vlad Horsun, Firebird core developer, explains the new transaction's features and related changes in garbage collection in Firebird 4.
Jaybird 3.0.7 released
Jaybird 3.0.8 released
FirebirdSQL presence in social networks
Firebird 3.0.5 sub-release is available
Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2 available for testing
Crowd-funding to make this website a bit more useful has reached its target!
Jaybird 4.0.0 released
The new version of the collection of Firebird optimized configuration files was released.
RedSoft, Platinum Sponsor of Firebird Foundation and contributor of Firebird Project development, has introduced the new version of the free open-source tool for administration and development of Firebird databases: RedExpert...
Yahoo! newgroups are moving to Google groups
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