ADO.NET provider Release
Jiri Cincura announces the Release of ADO.NET provider for Firebird.
Jaybird 2.2.12 released and Jaybird 3.0.0-beta-2 available for testing
Jaybird 3.0.0-beta-1 is now available for testing
ADO.NET provider Release
ADO.NET provider Release
Firebird Project is happy to announce general availability of Firebird 2.5.7 - the latest minor release in the Firebird 2.5 series.
Jaybird 3.0.0 released
The Firebird JDBC team is happy to announce the release of Jaybird 2.2.13.
Crowdfunding for Firebird Developer Guide translation and other project news
Jaybird 3.0.1 released
Firebird Project, IBSurgeon and IBPhoenix are happy to announce Firebird Tour 2017: a series of seminars with Firebird developers.
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